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How do you inspect “un-piggable” pipes within high-pressure gas installations? Is the only option to do time-consuming and costly digging?

Join our host Pablo Levi this week in the third episode of Operationally ExcellentTM.

Today’s guest is David Hardman, the Project Manager for Project GRAID at National Grid, the gas transmission system operator for the United Kingdom. David will tell us how National Grid and its partner organisations are addressing the incredibly costly and environmentally harmful problem of inspecting ageing and “un-piggable” high-pressure gas pipes within high-pressure installations.

Join us to find out how they are addressing this. Hint: it involves developing a remotely operated robot capable of withstanding immense pressures!

If you would like to learn more about what Project GRAID can achieve and even watch a video of it in action, you can do so by following the links below:

Project GRAID:
National Grid Gas Innovation:

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Operationally Excellent Podcast | Episode 3 | National Grid | Project GRAID