Project CloCC | National Grid

How can you half the time and money it takes to connect to the national gas transmission grid? 

That is the question that National Grid, the UK gas transmission system operator, wanted to answer with project CLoCC.

Today we speak to our guest Anne Marie Liszczyk, from National Grid, who was the project manager for Project CLoCC about here experience in achieving it’s three key goals:

  1. Developing a simple and “self-service”  online connections portal
  2. How can we minimise the time and cost associated with the connection design work?
  3. How can the application fees and gas policy be made more customer-friendly?

The results? The time to connect was reduced to less than a year and the cost to less than £1 million.

If you would like to learn more about how Project CLoCC was able to achieve this, you can visit its websites:

Project CLoCC

Project CLoCC | National Grid Gas

Or, you can reach out to Anne Marie on LinkedIn:

Anne Marie Liszczyk

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Operationally Excellent
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