Benchmarking for performance improvement

Continuous performance improvement is a competitive imperative for oil and gas operators. However, although cost-cutting is easy, developing the correct performance improvement plans that do not leave value on the table is not so simple. In the first of our series of whitepapers, we investigate the reasons why companies undertake benchmarking, how the benchmarking process works and how we help companies target performance improvement. Juran benchmarking has been helping companies improve their performance through benchmarking since 1995 and this whitepaper introduces how benchmarking can be used as a tool to underpin your performance improvement initiatives.

By downloading this whitepaper, you will learn how oil and gas organisations:

  • Plan and set-up benchmarking projects
  • Collect and normalise performance data
  • Analyse and identify best practices
  • Use the benchmarking results to develop performance improvement plans

You can find the second in our series of whitepapers, Benchmarking for Strategic Planning, here.

Download the Benchmarking for Performance Improvement Whitepaper below:

About us: oil and gas benchmarking

Juran Benchmarking has been a world leader in operational excellence through performance benchmarking across the oil and gas value chain since 1995. Our global peer-to-peer benchmarking programs have helped hundreds of oil & gas asset owners and operators to leverage benchmarking for strategic planning to achieve:

  • Sustainable cost competitiveness improvements
  • Maximising the efficiency of their operational expenditure (Opex)
  • Unlocking continuous improvement in operational effectiveness
  • Optimising workforce productivity

From wellhead to customer, Juran Benchmarking coordinates benchmarking programs across the oil and gas value chain. Learn more about our different upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas benchmarking programs.

From our offices near Edinburgh, Scotland and Houston, Texas our team combines management consultants with oil and gas process engineers, analysts and statisticians enabling us to provide a robust and high-quality benchmarking service to our clients. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients’ needs,
providing tailored benchmarking solutions that add value. Juran Benchmarking is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phillip Townsend Associates Inc (PTAI).