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Other Benchmarking Services

In addition to our standard annual benchmarking programs,
Juran Benchmarking is able to provide a range of additional tailored ad-hoc services

Bespoke Internal and External Benchmarking

Due to our flexible approach, Juran Benchmarking can create benchmarking programs that are tailored to address the specific requirements of our clients. These may be internal benchmarking studies, designed to compare the relative performance of different areas within a single organisation. This is of particular value to larger organizations who wish to unlock the learning that already exists within the company.

We can also provide external benchmarking analyses, comparing the performance between multiple companies on a specific subject matter. For example, in the past Juran Benchmarking has conducted multiple studies examining performance in Maintenance, Logistics, Procurement amongst other subjects. In some cases these may be relatively small but focused studies that provide an in-depth assessment of performance.

Due Diligence Assessments (for Mergers & Acquisitions)

A key element of any due diligence process relating to mergers and acquisitions is determining both asset value and risk exposure. Juran Global has developed a tool for conducting such evaluations, using actual peer data from our operational performance databases to evaluate the operating costs, manning levels, and the performance effectiveness of the assets being considered. Using Juran’s extensive datasets, our approach provides an evidence-based comparative assessment of the operational performance of the target asset, removing reliance on subjectivity.

Operational Expenditure and Manning Forecasts and Estimates

Juran Benchmarking possesses a wealth of accurate and up-to-date operational performance data derived from the large number of benchmarking studies conducted every year. This data relates to the operational efficiency of oil and gas assets from across the value chain and includes details of OPEX and manpower time for all aspects of operations, maintenance, support services, and business overheads.

Because of the excellent correlation between the Juran Complexity Factor® normalisation methodology, OPEX, and manpower, Juran Benchmarking is able to predict operational costs and manning levels simply by calculating the CF of an asset. This can be done based upon technical designs, thereby enabling forecasts to be made prior to construction and commissioning. Estimates can be made assuming industry average or top quartile performance and include:

  • Manning level estimates of company staff and third-party labour for both planned and operational assets.
  • OPEX forecasts for assets prior to construction and commissioning based upon actual industry data.
  • Expenditure estimates for specific functions (e.g. maintenance, HSE) across assets and business units.
  • Synergy and due diligence studies for mergers and acquisitions to enable the assessment of the expected post-acquisition upward improvement potential.

Benchmarking Training

Juran Benchmarking offer a wide range of benchmarking training programs for both current and new clients.  Our expert consultants and trainers can provide training tailored to meet your specific requirements, ranging from one day introductory workshops to a five day in-depth training engagement that provides your team with a detailed understanding of the requirements for successful benchmarking.

The content and delivery mode of all of our training will be adapted to meet your need and reflect your business interests.  Case studies, interactive sessions, and group exercises are all developed to align specifically with your business.

Furthermore, through our partnership with K3-Cubed we also offer a range of training on knowledge management and knowledge capability.

We in GNI find the Juran Benchmarking process and related meetings to be the ideal forum for both formal and informal exchange of views, experience, and approaches across a broad range of very relevant topics. We look forward to continued participation in this exercise.
Asset Strategy Manager, Gas Networks Ireland
Benchmarking plays a pivotal role in both the diagnostics of how we do today and in long-term planning. We have embarked on a series of improvements in our operations and have been able to achieve some impressive savings with the support of benchmarking outputs.
Ops Ex Manager, European Gas Transmission System Operator
In this global economy where the change is constant, we need to explore and understand what’s happening in the surrounding marketplace for the continuation of our business. To do so, we benchmark ourselves among well-known companies through Juran Benchmarking.
Operations Manager, Banagas
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Juran Benchmarking

Juran Benchmarking has been a leading provider of benchmarking services to the oil and gas industry for nearly 20 years. Our extensive database contains performance data from leading companies in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.

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