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The Value of Good Maintenance Planning



In this short article, one of our consultants, Dr Alistair Apedaile, reflects on the role maintenance planning plays in ensuring both good performance and value in maintenance management.

Maintenance planning in the Oil & Gas industry is a highly important issue. Ineffective planning can increase maintenance costs, increase maintenance backlog and affect other performance levels within the maintenance function. Juran Benchmarking have introduced new KPIs in order to assess the effectiveness of maintenance planning within our benchmarking programs.

Why is maintenance planning just as important as the execution of maintenance work? The findings detailed in this short report indicate robust maintenance planning. However, for those companies who deviated from the maintenance plan significantly there can be a number of consequences. Read the article to learn more.

What You’ll Learn
  • The biggest problem faced by maintenance managers
  • The skills required of an effective maintenance planner
  • Maintenance planning performance levels in 2014
  • The consequence of poor planning
  • How to demonstrate maintenance planning improvement

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Vice President, Maintenance, PEMEX
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In this global economy where the change is constant, we need to explore and understand what’s happening in the surrounding marketplace for the continuation of our business. To do so, we benchmark ourselves among well-known companies through Juran Benchmarking.
Operations Manager, Banagas
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