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Benchmarking for Strategic Planning


An organisation’s goals all too often fall short of stakeholder expectations. A primary contributor to this failure is that goal setting is based upon past trends and current practices in many organisations. Organisations are often inward-looking, and the external perspective is frequently overlooked. Customer expectations are driven by the standards of the best providers in the industry and by their experiences with superior providers in other industries. Benchmarking can capture these external references to provide the basis for comparative analysis and learn from best practices. Thus benchmarking can have a direct input to the strategic planning process.

Essential to success is a well-defined process, a clear understanding of the scope of what is to be benchmarked and why along with a systematic approach that is thoroughly planned. If conducted correctly, benchmarking can contribute to the effectiveness of strategic performance management by providing information on what the best-practice organisations are already achieving. Through the establishment of evidence-based best practices, benchmarking can provide the factual foundations to enable an organisation to frame its vision, goals, and plans to realise world-class leadership.

What You’ll Learn
  • Why strategic planning is driven from the corporate vision statement
  • The need to establish how much change over what period of time
  • The two-phase benchmarking process
  • The four things management should do to close performance gaps

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The first internal benchmarking cycle and our best practice sharing forums have been real eye-openers, with $800 million of improvement potential identified. Benchmarking, both internally and externally, is a critical tool supporting continuous improvement.
Vice President, Maintenance, PEMEX
Juran Benchmarking illustrated to our top management our strengths and weaknesses compared to others in our industry and to seek their support for improvement initiatives. It also provided confidence that various aspects of our operations are indeed best practice.
Asset Director, OMV Petrom
We in GNI find the Juran Benchmarking process and related meetings to be the ideal forum for both formal and informal exchange of views, experience, and approaches across a broad range of very relevant topics. We look forward to continued participation in this exercise.
Asset Strategy Manager, Gas Networks Ireland

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