Knowledge Management Maturity Assessment

In conjunction with our partner, K3-Cubed, we have developed a knowledge management/knowledge capability assessment tool, designed to provide you with a quick high-level overview of your organisation’s KM maturity.  The assessment is free to complete and incorporates outputs from peer-reviewed, award winning research conducted by K3-Cubed.

To start the Knowledge Management Maturity Assessment, click the button on the right.

The assessment is quick to complete and to participate you will need to answer 30 questions.  Do not try to second-guess the outcome and instead focus on being reflective as this will give you the best-informed feedback.  Please be honest in your responses, as there is no benefit in creating false feedback.  Finally, when considering your response, please gravitate to the ‘norm’, as opposed to the ‘exception’ that might be your first consideration.

Upon completion, you will immediately receive an email providing an overview of the maturity of your organisation’s knowledge capability in the following areas:

  • KM Orientation
  • KM Design
  • How People Learn
  • KM Methods
  • Program Development
  • Program Administration

Remember that this assessment is designed to provide an initial insight to your knowledge capability, to signpost challenges and to provoke thought.  For a more in-depth analysis we would invite you to join our Knowledge Management Benchmarking program.  You can find more information on this program by clicking the button below:

Knowledge Management Benchmarking Program


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Our Knowledge Management Maturity Assessment was created in partnership with

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Knowledge Management Maturity Assessment

Determine the maturity of your knowledge management program in 10 minutes. Click the button below.

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The core competency model developed…is a tool to help assess individuals, but it’s more than that. It’s a critical look at how the CPA should function. How a CPA should work within a business arena. How a leader develops. How somebody thinks.
Managing Partner, US Accounting Firm
A great resource! The KM ROI model alone has been distributed to all our project managers and they have been challenged to rethink how we report on value.
Senior Executive, Clinical Research Organisation, Singapore
The method of system analysis showed us how to become resilient. We were stuck in the hear-and-now, not anymore thanks to you!
Head of Knowledge Management, EU Agency
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