Our Approach

The Juran Benchmarking Cycle© provides a well-established systematic approach to the benchmarking.


Preparation and Planning

A kick off meeting is held, during which the purpose, scope, methodology, and schedule are reviewed and agreed.

Benchmarking Training

An onsite benchmarking training workshop provides each participant with a detailed understanding of the benchmarking, the metrics to be used and their definitions prior to data collection commencing.

Data Collection and Validation

Each participating asset completes a data collection document and returns it to Juran Benchmarking by the agreed date. Help Desk support is provided during the entire data collection process such that any client questions are answered promptly. All data is thoroughly validated through our rigorous and unique three stage validation process to ensure accuracy prior to analysis.

Data Normalisation

The challenge in any benchmarking program is to ensure that performance comparisons between participating assets are made on a like-for-like basis but how can this be achieved for assets that are of differing sizes and designs?

It is critical to reflect the drivers of cost and manpower, that is the installed equipment that must be operated and maintained, in any effective normalisation approach. The Juran Complexity Factor® normalisation methodology does just this. Our unique and highly effective methodology, developed over more than 30 years using empirical industry data, is statistically proven as a highly effective way to normalise the performance of oil and gas assets. Using this approach, benchmarkers can be confident that direct comparisons between assets of differing technical complexity and size are made on a truly like-for-like basis, are valid and therefore result in actionable findings. 

Data Analysis and Reporting

Juran Benchmarking will analyse the data, develop a comprehensive suite of charts and tables and prepare a detailed written report of the benchmarking results, tailored for your company and including a company-specific performance gap analysis. Uniquely the comprehensive report includes around 200 key performance indicators examining all aspects of your asset’s operational performance.

Company Management Presentations

A detailed post-report debrief presentation of the benchmarking analysis is delivered to the company management teams providing an excellent opportunity to communicate the findings of the benchmarking. Presentations are made either face to face at company premises or via an online meeting.

Sharing Leading Practices

Following the benchmarking analysis and issuing of the report, Juran Benchmarking will host a Best Practice Forum. This is exclusive to the benchmarking participants, enabling companies to exchange leading working practices in a knowledge sharing workshop, under the protection of a confidentiality agreement.

Developing Action Plans

Through our Leading through Enhanced Action Planning (LEAP) workshop, Juran Benchmarking will work with your company to support you at the start of your improvement journey. Together, we will develop a detailed action plan of how to implement improvement activities relevant to your benchmarking results, enabling you to realise a return on your investment.

Confidentiality & Anti-Trust

Juran Benchmarking undertake all activities in line with the APQC and EFQM Benchmarking Codes of Conduct. We ensure all benchmarking programs are compliant with anti-trust / competition law and all companies sign a confidentiality agreement. Company data are anonymised and treated with utmost care with a rigorous process in place to ensure your data are protected. All data are held in an encrypted format and our highly secure members website enables data to be exchanged safely and securely.

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Juran Benchmarking illustrated to our top management our strengths and weaknesses compared to others in our industry and to seek their support for improvement initiatives. It also provided confidence that various aspects of our operations are indeed best practice.
Asset Director, OMV Petrom
The first internal benchmarking cycle and our best practice sharing forums have been real eye-openers, with $800 million of improvement potential identified. Benchmarking, both internally and externally, is a critical tool supporting continuous improvement.
Vice President, Maintenance, PEMEX
Benchmarking plays a pivotal role in both the diagnostics of how we do today and in long-term planning. We have embarked on a series of improvements in our operations and have been able to achieve some impressive savings with the support of benchmarking outputs.
Ops Ex Manager, European Gas Transmission System Operator
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Juran Benchmarking

Juran Benchmarking has been a leading provider of benchmarking services to the oil and gas industry for nearly 20 years. Our extensive database contains performance data from leading companies in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.

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